A note from mom about the Moore Center…


The Moore Center has had a tremendous impact on Nick and his family. My husband and I were very unsure about what kind of life Nick would have once he finished high school at the age of 21. Lucky for us, along came The Moore Center. Nick has found his purpose, his passion, and a love for his day program, that runs very deep. So deep, that he’s not very happy when we take a week-long family vacation away, that takes him from his day program for the whole entire week!
As Nick will tell you, The Moore Center has helped him to become a business owner. He’s even designed his own logo and had t-shirts printed. By Nick having his own business, it has opened up teaching opportunities that otherwise Nick would not be exposed to.
For instance, since the beginning of being a business owner, Nick has learned about having a bank account, and using a debit card to buy his product to sell. This year, we opened up a St. Mary’s Bank credit card for his business, and I’m teaching him the basics of credit.
Also, Nick knows that we have to pay for his annual insurance premium on his machines, and that we have to renew his business name with the State of New Hampshire every year, so that no one else can ever be called Nick Hebert Vending LLC!
But Nick doesn’t spend every day doing his vending work. He has time to do other things during his day program. There’s fishing, and exercising, and going places like Portsmouth, the beach or the Rockingham Mall, and sometimes he goes with other clients of The Moore Center and their staff too.
The Moore Center has asked Nick for HIS input into what his schedule would look like. He has done some volunteer work at the Animal Rescue League, and most recently they have helped make the connection with my son-in-law at the Windham Police Dept to have Nick volunteer there. Every other week for a half a day, Nick either cleans out the cruisers or arranges the garage area or whatever else they need him to do and Nick loves it! The Moore Center is also willing to be flexible with his schedule.
In January, a close friend of mine broke her leg and was home throughout this rough winter recuperating. The Moore Center allowed for Nick to spend some time with her playing board games or doing light chores for her. Nick even taught her how to play Scrabble. He felt as though he was helping to make a difference. She appreciated his company and his help, so it was a win-win for both of them!
I’ve shared Nick’s story, OUR story, with other mothers of special needs children. So they know that there is a future for their child, and how The Moore Center can help make it happen.
As I said earlier, The Moore Center has had a tremendous impact on Nick and his family, because having The Moore Center in OUR life, has helped Nick have a FULL life, and we feel like it’s only just the beginning.


“Hello, my name is Nick Hebert and I own Nick Hebert Vending llc…


It all started when Tim McGinnin, our manager at the Moore Center in Manchester, New Hampshire, approached me about a committee called “Your Dream, Your Job.” He asked if I would like to start my own business and suggested a vending business. I gave it some thought and decided that I would like to start my own business. My mom and I met with the committee and they asked me what I would like to call my business. I answered that I wanted to name it ‘N.H. Vending’. A few days after however, I was told that the name would have to be changed to Nick Hebert Vending, because the original name idea was already taken by a different business. I like Nick Hebert Vending even better!
With the help of my staff, Julie, we worked on the process of getting the business up and running. I had already been filling up the machines for the Moore Center before I bought my own machine. I started out with buying one machine, located at Eddy Road. Then the managers at the time approached me, asking if I would like to purchase another machine, as they were trying to get out of the business of vending altogether. They offered me any of the vending machines as well as the inventory that they had at the
time at a discounted price. I took the opportunity and bought the McGregor Street machine along with the inventory.

It has been a booming business ever since. Of course every now and then, there is a repair to be made; however,overall the business has been a success! At the present time, my current staff Mai helps me write down what I need for inventory. I enjoy working in my business, and it has been a great accomplishment for me!”

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