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My husband and I were very unsure about what kind of life Nick would have once he finished high school at the age of 21…

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Announcements and News. What’s nick been up to lately…

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New This Year!

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Hey Kids! A fun new machine filled with super-balls is located at Cowabunga’s in Hooksett New Hampshire! What a great way to spend the day and take a little bit of bounce home with you! Awesome start the new year, Nick!

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New Logo, New Look!

Lookin great in a cotton T with one of his new logos on it is Nick Hebert! Armed with one of his new business cards, He is ready to spread the word and expand his business! You Go Nick!!!

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Today’s Buzz!

NICK GIVES THE MOORE CENTER SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT!   The Moore Center in Manchester has been raving about Nick and his vending business on their blog recently. “Nick Hebert is very ambitious – especially when it comes to his vending machine business. He loves talking snacks and he knows his stuff! Nick was diagnosed

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The Newest machine has found a home!

Cowabunga’s In Hooksett N.H. has a new attraction! Nick has found a new home for for his most recent purchase, a Pinball vending machine. Now kids can try their skills and win a prize at Cowabunga’s located at 1328 Hooksett Rd in Hooksett N.H.!

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Our Newest Machine: Perfect For An Arcade!

Nick’s most recent purchase is pretty cool! It’s a pinball machine! It’s a vending machine! So which is it? It’s both! Put in your change and play a game of pinball. Win and receive a prize! A great new addition to his inventory. Perfect for an arcade or children’s play center.

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